Hello! Hi there! Howdy! How's it going?

My name is Caroline, the crazy student that is living off-grid for my senior year of college. Beyond the excitement of embarking on a journey of living an alternative, nomadic lifestyle - I am pursuing my longtime dream of living off-grid. I grew up in the San Juan mountains of Colorado where my love for the outdoors was born. Upon moving to the East Coast for school, this love continued as I was able to explore the oceans and marshes of New England. 

Since the 4th grade I have known that I wanted to study the environment, and I am now in my last year of completing a degree in Environmental Policy. Being an environmentalist, I often felt as though my beliefs didn't align with my daily lifestyle. Therefore, I have decided to embark on this journey of living off-grid for my senior year. Through this project I hope to become more aware of my personal energy and resource demands, and in turn, devise creative ways to alter these demands to reduce my carbon footprint. 

I spent this past summer converting a big blue cargo van into my cozy home on wheels, named Roxi. In order to stay in line with my environmental and sustainability passions, I strived to only use non-toxic, renewable, and/or repurposed materials in the conversion. Additionally, my daily energy demands are met by a badass 600W solar array on the roof of Roxi. 

Follow along to watch my adventure unfold while living in Roxi! (Especially as we begin to enter the cold winter months of New England)...